Nxai Pan Part 3

04th September 2016
The final full day at Nxai pan started with us leaving the campsite before sunrise, it paid off when I managed to capture some silhouette images of a small group of Ostrich against the rising sun.

On arrival at the Nxai Pan waterhole we were greeted by large flocks of Cape Turtle doves again following their morning drink routine, a couple of Jackals were also milling about have a drink, there were some Jackals that acted in a submissive way when approaching the waterhole, presumably not wanting to upset the resident Jackals in whose territory the waterhole fell.

Later on in the Morning a herd of Wildebeest came in for a drink as well as a pair of Ostrich, the Male was dancing and displaying to the female and after a slow and deliberate ritual the female allowed the Male to mate with her with lots a displaying and wing waving.

Throughout the morning various animals came for their morning drink, some Impala and a large group of Ostrich that approached the waterhole quite warily finally had a drink in a tight bunch, there seemed to be a lot of chatting and interaction going on between the Ostrich.

Later in the day after lunch we returned to the waterhole, a Lone Jackal came for a drink and in the process seemed to spook the Ostrich who then ran off and scattered, a large herd of Impala returned for a afternoon drink and later on there was a Jackal spat that took place on the waters edge, the two resident Jackals attacked a Jackal that had come for a drink, a quick but intense battle ensued where dominance was established and the Jackals then settled down and allowed the intruder to drink.

As the afternoon wore on and it became cooler we watched as a lone Jackal attempted to catch the Cape turtle doves that came in for a afternoon drink, the Jackal would casually trot toward the doves before sprinting the last few meters to try and catch one, unfortunately for the Jackal he was not successful but I would give him a A for the effort!

At dusk we photographed a Kori Bustard as it walked off into the setting sun. We had a great time at Nxai pan and it was time for us to move on to the next adventure.



Photo comment By DeLynn Decker: Loved seeing your photos and reading your commentary!

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