Nxai Pan Part 1

14th August 2016
After Leaving Baines Baobabs we drove to Nxai Pan, its only about 30 km and we arrived at Nxai approximately 10-30 am, after signing in at the gate we immediately set off to have a look at the waterhole, the waterhole is about 4 km from the gate and when we arrived there was a big concentration of animals there, some drinking, some waiting for their chance to drink others heading off after their drink while others were still arriving, there was a almost endless procession of animals heading to the waterhole and then back into the bush. There was a wide variety of game at the waterhole, Elephants, Giraffe,Impala, Kudu, Springbok, Black Backed Jackals, Ostrich, a Lone Gemsbok and a variety of different birds. For the next few hours we sat at the waterhole photographing the animals as they arrived and then left after their drink, eventually we left the waterhole to go to the campsite and set up our tent and have something to eat.

Later in the afternoon around 4pm we returned to the waterhole to see what was going on, there were definitely less animals than earlier but it was just as interesting, a few Elephants were still there and some of them had a mud bath followed by a dust bath, a group of Giraffe were milling around as well.As the Afternoon wore on some more antelope arrived for a drink and the Cape Turtle doves started to arrive in large numbers, I would guess that there must have been hundreds of birds that came to drink that afternoon.

As the sun was setting I repositioned the vehicle so that I could photograph into the setting sun, this provided us with the opportunity to photograph a variety of animals with the late afternoon colours behind them, the Elephants were dominating the waterhole at this late time of day and we got some great Images of the Elephants with the setting sun, eventually the sun had set and we had to head off back to the campsite, we had gotten some great images and we were looking forward to the following day and more time at the Nxai pan waterhole.


Photo comment By Edward Rice: AWESOME pictures ☆☆☆ when I see all the wonderful pictures you take.it makes me close to home.I was raised in Rhodesia and had land in Fish Hook.I loved both Countries.

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