Ngala Safari Lodge Photosafari

30th April 2018
I Spent 2 nights on a quick Photosafari at Ngala Safari Lodge, the lodge was looking great as usual and after settling in and a quick briefing we set off on our first drive.

We headed to the South of the reserve and along the way we found a yellow billed Hornbill on the road, it had found a long line of ants and was slowly feeding on the ants, one by one !

A short way down the road we saw a small herd of Elephants, they had a tiny baby with them and try as we might we could not get a picture of it, the Elephant herd skill fully hid the baby from our lenses, we did however get some nice Images of a adult female as she watched us.

After leaving the Elephants we found a couple of Hyenas feeding on a adult Kudu bull, there were no other predators around so we did not know how the Kudu had died but for the Hyenas it was a huge feast and they ate as quickly as they could.

We left the Hyenas feeding and headed over to a nearby waterhole for a sundowner drink, at the dam we were greeted by a Yawning Hippo and a magnificent sunset, after a refreshing drink we headed back to the lodge for dinner.

The following morning only a few minutes into our drive we spotted the flash of a Wild dogs tail as it ran through the Mopani thickets, we turned around and started trying to fine the dogs, the wild dogs were running all over the bush hunting Impala and only through a team effort involving 3 vehicles were we able to catch up to them as they lay resting in a dry riverbed, the rest did not last long and soon they were off again, this time we were unable to keep up and we lost sight of them.

After this busy start to our drive we found a small group of Dwarf mongoose sunning themselves on a termite mound close the road, we spent some quality time photographing the mongoose and their morning activities and after about 20 minutes the mongoose slowly moved off into the tall grass to start foraging.

After leaving the mongoose we got a call on the radio saying a pride of Lions had been found close-by so we headed off to have a look , when we got to the lions we found 5 females and 2 young males in the pride, they were slowly moving along the road listening to the bush sounds.

We spent at least 30 minutes with the lions as they slowly moved along the road, the morning light was beautiful and the lions quite obliging with the photo opportunities they gave us, eventually as all Lions do they found a shady spot and lay down to sleep for the day, it had been a treat to see them and we then left the Lions and headed back to the lodge.

That afternoon we set out and headed South, a female Leopard had been found on the edge of the Timbavati river with a kill she had put up in a tree, we headed over there to have a look, along the way we found a small herd of Buffalo Bulls as they cooled off in a small pool of water and along the edge a Swainsons spurfowl searched through the grass for a meal.

As we entered the river we spotted a pair of Grey duiker of the bank, the female looking back at us for a brief moment before dashing off.

When we got to the Leopard shed had stashed her kill in a very thick tree and she herself was so well hidden we could only see a few spots, by now it was quite late so we decided to head back North and back to the lodge.

The following morning we decided to head back to the South Again to see if we could get a better view of the Leopard, along the way we spotted a young hyena in a small clearing, it was listening and watching intently, we soon found out why, a few of the other clan members including a large female we making their way back to the den, the female was carrying the remains of an Impala, she was probably taking it back to some young cubs at the den, we managed to get a number of great Images of her as she trotted past us.

After leaving the Hyenas we continued on our way to the Leopard, when we arrived she was out of the tree and lying in the shade between the grass, every now and again she would look up towards her kill and there was a small gap through the grass and we managed to capture some nice images of her.

After watching the Leopard groom for a bit she finally lay down to sleep, we also decided that it was time for us to head back to the lodge for breakfast and to sadly pack our bags and head home, it had been a fantastic few days at Ngala.

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