Ngala Safari Lodge Photo Safari

02nd October 2016
I spent 2 nights at the newly refurbished Ngala Safari Lodge on a Photographic Safari, the lodge looks amazing with wonderful new room interiors and a great main area and pool area.

After checking in and some lunch we set off on the first afternoon drive, it had been cloudy the entire day and just after we set off it started to rain, after putting on the ponchos provided we carried on with the drive spotting some Giraffe along the way.

Shortly before dusk we found a young Male Leopard in a small clearing, he quietly lay there for a few minutes before walking right past the vehicle and then proceeded to climb a nearby tree where he stayed for the rest of the afternoon , this provided me with a good opportunity to try some zoom burst images in the fading light, just as it was getting dark we left him sleeping up in the tree, we then headed off for a quick sundowner drink.

After our drink we headed off to have a look at a coalition of 3 Male Lions that had been found nearby, the Lions slowly moved through the darkness occasionally stopping to lie down and listen to the night sounds providing us with a few photographic opportunities, eventually the Lions crossed over a river and we were unable to follow so we headed off back to the lodge for our dinner.

The following morning we set off to search for the pack of Wild dogs that had been seen in the area, along the way we found a Giraffe and her young calf, they were intently staring into a nearby clearing so we went to investigate what they were looking at, a few moments later we found what the Giraffe was staring at, a Hyena mom and her 2 sub-adult pups, they were lying down suckling providing us with some great photographic opportunities where I tried a few more zoom burst Images.

Our Wild dog search was un-successful so we headed back to the lodge for breakfast, after Breakfast some Elephants started to arrive to drink from the swimming pool, this was a great opportunity to sit and photograph the Elephants from the opposite side of the water, after about an hour and 5 herds of Elephants later the action was over and the Elephants had all disappeared into the bush.

That Afternoon the weather was not great and it made the game viewing a bit harder, we saw numerous animals but with the cloudy conditions there were not a lot of Photographic opportunities.

The following morning we set off to help search for a female Leopard whose tracks had been seen in the South of the Reserve, the sun was out this morning and while searching for the Leopard we stopped at some Nyala and Impala photographing them in the morning light.

Unfortunately for us we could not find the Leopard so we went and had a look at a nearby Hyena den, one of the Hyenas had recently given birth to one pup, when we arrived at the den we were in luck, the Mom was there and her tiny baby was out of the den, Mom was cleaning the youngster and it was great to watch the interaction between the two. After bath time mom tried to put the pup back into the den but it was not co-operating at all, the pup kept coming out of the den and calling to its mom with a high pitched squeal and Mom would then come walking back to the den to see what the fuss was, this little scenario repeated itself about 4 or 5 times before Mom gave up and went for a nap in the shade of a nearby tree leaving the pup at the den to its own devices.

By now it was time to head back to the Lodge for breakfast and to check out and along the way we got a few final images of a Male Coqui Francolin as it called from the top of a Termite mound.

It had been a great 2 days at Ngala delivering brilliant game viewing and images

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