Angama Mara Photo Safari day 9

16th May 2016
It was our 9th day at Angama, time had flown past and today was our last full day in the Mara, we left the lodge early and took a packed Breakfast and lunch with us, we spent the morning photographing a wide variety of General game, Impala, Zebra, Thompsons Gazelle, Giraffe as well as a family of Banded Mongoose that were scurrying about searching for a meal.

After our breakfast stop we carried on our drive and it wasn’t long before we saw a large group of Vultures descending from the sky, we went to investigate and we saw that a Topi had been killed the previous night by a unknown predator, there was a lone Hyena feeding on the carcass as well as 2 Black backed Jackals that would dart in every now and again when the Hyena wasn’t watching.

Finally the Hyena had eaten its fill and it left the carcass, immediately the 2 Jackals ran in to claim what was left, the Vultures also moved in and for a brief moment there was a tense stand off between the Jackals and the vultures, the Jackals put up a brave fight but after a brave effort they had to give way to the large numbers of Vultures that swamped the carcass. It was great to see the interaction between the Hyena, the Jackals and the Vultures at the carcass, we finally decided to move on to the Southern plains to see what we could find, along the way we stopped to take some spectacular landscape images.

On the Southern plains we found a Lioness and her 4 cubs, they were lying close to a small puddle of water, I think the female was hoping to ambush some Zebra and a lone Wildebeest that were close by but the cubs had other plans, they were rowdy and playful and alerted the Zebras to their presence, finally mom gave up and they wandered off to find some shade, we also decided to leave them and go and have our lunch.

After our lunch in the early afternoon the rain clouds started to build up so we reluctantly decided to make our way back to the lodge, along the way we found a large herd of Elephants that were grazing on the side of the road, with wide angle lenses we used the clouds as a backdrop for the Elephants.

Continuing on our way we again saw large numbers of General game, the storm clouds had eased a bit and we got some nice light and some blue skies again that we used to frame some of the animals we found on the way home, it had been another great day in the Mara.


Photo comment By Susi Allen: Meerkats please. I have a sister in law who is mad about them, well mad anyway.

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