Angama Mara Photo Safari day 7

01st May 2016
To get the full experience of the Masai Mara I can highly recommend a Hot Air Balloon ride, there is nothing more peace full than floating quietly over the Masai Mara.

On our 7th day at Angama we went on a Balloon safari with Governors Balloon Safaris, one of the Original Hot air Balloon operators in the Masai Mara, after a pre dawn start and a short drive down the escarpment we arrived at the Launch site just in time to watch the inflation of the Balloon, it was a perfectly clear morning with a gentle breeze, perfect weather for Ballooning.

Once the Balloon was inflated and everyone was on board it was time to take off, we rose up high over the plains and forest and the wind pushed us gently along following the flow of the Mara river.

The view from the Balloon is spectacular and along the way we saw a wide variety of game as well as a lone Black Rhino that was slowly walking back to the cover of the Riverine forest.

The hour long flight was spectacular and it went by far too quickly and before we knew it we were braced for landing and after a few bounces across the plains we came to a stop, here we were picked up by our ranger and he then took us for breakfast that had been set up by the Governors Balloon safari team on the open plains, a wonderful ending to a magnificent Balloon Safari.

After breakfast we set off down to the river to see if the large herd of Zebra from the day before were still at the river, it wasn’t long before we found them gathered on the riverbank, there was a amazing amount of interaction between the Zebras and for next few hours we watched and waited to see if the Zebras would cross, unfortunately for us they did not and eventually the Zebras started to drift away from the river to start grazing.

On the way back to the camp we watched as a small pride of Lions lay in Ambush for the Zebras that were leaving the river, it was unfortunately in a area where we could not drive off road and it was a bit too far for pictures but watching through the binoculars the hunt unfold was still quite exciting, unfortunately for the Lions a young member of the pride just couldn’t wait long enough for the Zebra to get close and she broke cover far too early, the Zebras then easily managed to escape.

By now it was almost late afternoon and we decided to head back to the lodge, another exciting day at Angama Amara.

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