Angama Mara Photo Safari day 6

25th April 2016
Since arriving at Angama and after I had seen the view I had wanted to try a star trail with the view and the lodge but unfortunately it was full moon when we arrived so I has to wait a few days until the moon didn’t interfere too much with the night photography , I decided that this morning at 3am I would get up and try my luck !
After getting up early and setting up my camera at the main area I spent some time getting my settings right and then tried a number of different shots of the Mara and the lodge, I was quite happy with some of the results I got !

A little later in the morning after getting some star images we set off down into the Mara, it wasn’t long before we spotted a lone Giraffe silhouetted against the early morning light, after photographing the giraffe we set off to the Southern part of the Mara searching for the two Male cheetah we had seen earlier on our safari, along the way we passed herds of Elephant, Topi, Waterbuck and some Gazelle as well, we didn’t stop as we were determined to find the two Cheetah.

After searching for about an hour we spotted the Cheetah off in the distance, they had just made a kill and had started to feed on a young Wildebeest they had caught, we got into position and photographed the Cheetah as they ate, a large group of Vultures slowly building up in the background, waiting for a opportunity to feed.

After 30 minutes a group of about 100 vultures had gathered as well as 3 ostrich to watch the Cheetah feeding, the Cheetah knew it was time to go as the descending Vultures could quite easily have alerted rival predators in the area that there was a kill so the Cheetah walked off leaving the half eaten Wildebeest to the Vultures.

As soon as the Cheetah were a safe distance away the Vultures flew and hopped closer and soon there was a massive feeding frenzy as the vultures tried to get a seat at the carcass.

After the Vultures had finished off the remains of the Wildebeest it was time for us to go and have our own breakfast so we found a suitable shady tree not too far from the Mara River and had our breakfast.

After Breakfast we headed along the river to see what we could find, a short while later we found a huge herd of Zebra at one of the crossing points, it seemed like they were wanting to go across the river to graze on the other side, the problem was the river was flowing quite strongly at this point and the Zebra seemed very nervous, we decided to sit and wait !

After about an hour a few of the Zebra decided to cross the river, this gave a lot of other Zebra the courage to cross and soon there were multiple families of Zebra swimming over the river, the strong current sweeping them away downstream but the Zebras kept swimming and soon they were on the other side of the river about 200 meters downstream, we stayed watching the zebras crossing for about an hour until suddenly it all stopped and the Zebras that remained drifted away from the river, at this point we also decided to head off back to the lodge.

Another great day in the Mara, action packed with great Photography !

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