Angama Mara Photo Safari day 5

17th April 2016
On our 5th day at Angama we were really starting to get into the swing of things ! Great game viewing and amazing service and meals at the lodge. Today we once again took a packed breakfast and a packed lunch with us down into the Masai Mara we were spending the day in the park, as we left the lodge the were a couple of Giraffe on the entrance road, we positioned the vehicle so that we had the predawn light behind the giraffe creating a great silhouette.

A few minutes later we were greeted by a beautiful Mara sunrise over the plains as the sun shone through the cloud cover, we stopped the vehicle and I took a composite of 4 images and merged them together in Lightroom.

After entering the park the first animal we found was a great big Elephant Bull grazing by the side of the road, we stopped and took a series of images of him feeding.

A short distance past the Elephant we stopped next to a big Male Topi that was standing proud in the Grassland showing off the a group of younger Bachelors close by, this guy was taking no chances !

We heard on the radio that a small pride of lions had been found nearby so we set off to go and have a look. The lions were resting on a small rock strewn mound and one young male was determined to chew up a branch he had found, it was quite funny watching him try and chew on the stick.

It wasn’t long before the young Male lions sister ambushed him and pretty soon there was a chase and a pounce and a wrestling match ensued which eventually was won by the young female !

While all the wrestling was going on a group of three young Wildebeest strolled right into the middle of where the lions were resting, the Adult females of the group immediately assumed the stalk position and inched closer, fortunately for the Wildebeest the Young lions weren’t patient enough and they jumped the gun giving the Wildebeest enough time to escape, the young Lioness however wasn’t giving up that easily and she tried a long distance pursuit that ended in failure !

Eventually after spending some quality time with the Lions we moved on in search of other interesting things to photograph and it wasn’t long before we spotted a pair of Crowned Cranes feeding in the grassland, it was a wonderful opportunity to photograph them and we got a few great images of the pair.

After leaving the Cranes we decided to go and have some breakfast and along the way we bumped into a herd of Elephants crossing the road, one young female for a unknown reason decided she was going to sit down for a few moments, maybe to take a quick break but it was comical to see her sitting down flat on her bottom.

After breakfast we continued with our drive spotting a wide variety of general game, Grants Gazelle, Thompsons Gazelle, Waterbuck ,Buffalo and Wildebeest. We then heard on the radio that Lions had killed a Eland the night before and had eaten their fill and now a clan of Hyenas were feeding on the remains so we headed off to have a look.

When we arrived there were about 70 vultures on the ground around the carcass and 2 Hyenas feeding on the kill, over the next 30 minutes we watched as there was a constant change over in owner ship of the Carcass, when the Hyenas were close they would feed and as soon as the Hyenas ventured about 10 meters away the Vultures would hop closer and start to peck at the remains, this in turn would cause the Hyenas to charge back towards the carcass causing the Vultures to scatter in a panic, finally the Hyenas had had enough and they left the carcass to the Vultures who quickly stripped any remaining meat off the bones.

Today seemed to be our lucky day and as we descended into the Southern Plains we saw a herd of Topi running off and then turning around again and snorting a alarm at a lioness that was walking towards a small tree, we raced closer and as we approached the tree we saw a second Lioness perched up in the tree surveying the surrounding landscape, the Lioness on the ground also tried to climb the tree but there was not enough space and the Lioness in the tree snarled her disapproval at the Lion below all the while the Herd of Topi snorting in the Background, eventually both Lions drifted off to sleep, the one in the tree not looking too comfortable at all !

The time had flown by and it was already time for lunch so we found a shady spot on the plains and had a wonderful picnic lunch.

After Lunch we slowly started to head back to the Lodge, the clouds had built up and it looked like some rain was coming, along the way we saw a Serval as it was walking through the grass, it seemed to quite determined to get where it was going and we only had a quick view of it before it disappeared.

We arrived back at the Lodge just as the rain started to fall it had been a great day spent in the Masai Mara.

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