Madagascar Photo Safari Day 9

21st January 2016
This morning we headed off to see if we could get some images of the Verreaux’s Sifakas as they jumped along the ground moving to their feeding grounds, we found many groups of Sifaka’s but as we found out it was not that easy getting into the right position to photograph them as they jumped along the ground, we did however get lucky a few times.

Later on the morning at breakfast the regular crew of Ringtailed Lemurs were there trying to steal some bread off the tables, we were told that they had developed a liking to bread and they would often ignore other items of food to go for the bread, we managed to defend our breakfast successfully and also to get a few images of a young baby lemur with its mom.

Later in the afternoon we went for a walk in the Spiny forest, here we saw a beautiful Madagascar Scops Owl as well as a spiny Tortoise and a few groups of Sifaka’s.

We returned to the lodge to try and catch the Sifaka’s as they started to head back to the forest and the trees they slept in, we found a group of 7 Sifaka’s and we trailed them as they bounced along the ground heading back to the forest, after numerous attempts we managed to get a few images of them jumping along and also a short video snippet of the group moments before they entered the forest.

We also spent a bit of time with a couple of Ringtailed lemurs as they also made their way back to the forest and the safety of the tall trees for the night.

It had been a great day and after many attempts and false starts we had managed to get some images of the amazing Sifaka’s and Ringtailed Lemurs.

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