Kirkmans Kamp Photosafari 28-31 August 2016 Part 2

06th January 2017
That Afternoon we set off to see if we could find the Lions again, along the way be came across a herd of Elephants feeding on the side of the road, there were numerous females and their calves and One big bull that came to investigate the females of the herd.

On our way to where we left the lions we saw and photographed some general game as well as a Grey Duiker that was feeding in the late afternoon sunlight.

When we arrived where we had left the Lions earlier in the morning we found that they had moved off and their tracks headed straight towards the Kruger park boundary that was not far off, we decided not to track the lions and go and search along the Sand river.

As we started to approach the river we spotted a Leopard sleeping up in a Marula tree, we drove closer and saw that it was the Ndzilo female, she had moved quite a far distance from where she had her kill a few days before. The sun had set and the twilight time was perfect for us to use the spotlight, the light combined perfectly with the blue twilight colours and we got a few great images before the light changed.

After about 10 minutes with Ndzilo she spotted a Grey Duiker in the distance and she climbed down from her perch and moved toward the Duiker, unfortunately a bit too fast and the Duiker spotted her and darted off, for the next half hour we watched as Ndzilo marked some territory in between bouts of rest, eventually Ndzilo walked off some thickets and we headed off to have a drink but before we stopped we heard that the Teardrop female Leopard and the West street Male Leopard were found mating in the river not too far away so went to have a look.

The Leopards were in the Middle of the Sand river and we decided to wait to see if they would mate, after about 10 minutes they did just that ! Trying to Photograph mating Leopards at Night with the light is a bit tricky so I opted to shoot a short video instead, after mating the Leopards moved up the riverbank and headed off into the bush and we decided to make our way back to the Lodge for dinner.

The following morning we set off to see if we could find the Mating Leopards again so we headed off along the river to search for any sign of them, along the way we watched a herd of Elephants feeding on the reeds in the river as well as a Rhino cow and calf.

Much later on in the Morning we managed to track down and find the Leopards again, it was quite a warm morning and the Leopards were lying in some deep shade that made the photography a little harder, a spotted Hyena had herd the Leopards growls and it cam to investigate what all the noise was about, the Teardrop female clearly showed her displeasure for this intrusion and hissed and growled at the Hyena who then proceeded to lie down a short distance away.

By now it was quite late in the morning and we went back to the Lodge for breakfast.

For the afternoon we went down South to drive along the Sabie river, it is a beautiful drive along the river and we saw a couple of Elephants along the way as well as a pair of Saddle billed Storks.

After sunset we photographed a couple of White Backed Vultures as they searched for a suitable roosting tree for the night.

Jo and Gill wanted to do some star photography so we stopped after dark and did some star as well as star trail photography before heading back to the lodge.

The following morning was our last drive and we decided to see if we could find the lions again so we headed towards the Kruger and Kirkmans boundary, we couldn’t find any sign of the Lions but we did find a big herd of Elephants with the cutest little calf, the calf was feeling frisky and tried its best to chase us away, every time is would charge towards us before getting nervous and then turning around and running back to mom, its mom was only interested in feeding and after a while the calf also started to pay more attention to what its mom was doing and also tried to feed off the tree bark that mom had stripped off, its efforts were wonderful to watch.

After spending a lot of time watching the Elephant behaviour it was time to head back to the Lodge and say goodbye, what a great photo safari we had with great sightings and images.

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