Angama Mara day 4

20th March 2016
The Following morning we set off again down into the Masai Mara, along the way we bumped into some Impala, Baboons, Zebras and the the same group of buffalo bulls that we had seen the previous morning, this time they were covered in Yellowbilled Oxpeckers feeding on ticks that the Buffalo were carrying around.

After leaving the Buffalo we went to have a look at the Gazelle Carcass we had found the previous day, from a distance we could see that the Leopard was in the tree at the kill, we slowly inched closer but the Leopard did not fancy a audience so she grabbed her kill and climbed down the tree, we stopped the vehicle and furiously photographed her as she descended, at the bottom of the tree it did not take long for the Leopard to disappear in the long grass, after searching for her without success we decided to move on and continue our drive.

Further along the way we photographed some giraffes as well as a herd of Elephant grazing on the plains below the Lodge, we spent quite some time with the Elephants as they grazed slowly toward us, the little baby was entertaining to watch as it tried to control its out of control trunk !

After Leaving the Elephants we saw a small pride of Lions in the distance lazily sleeping in the morning sun on a termite mound, we watched the lions for a bit and then carried on again photographing some Yellow Throated Longclaws along the way.

After stopping for breakfast and a leg stretch we continued on our drive, we saw Ground Hornbills, waterbuck and a large herd of Zebra massing on the riverbank, we stayed with the Zebra thinking that they may decide to cross the river, there was a constant back and forth as the Zebra thought of crossing but each time changed their minds, after a few hours of this we finally decided that it was time to head back to the lodge for another late lunch.

It had been another great day in the Mara and we set off for camp bumping into a small warthog family that trotted off with one youngster giving us a final glance before dashing off to catch up with its mom.

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